Chetan Nayak (a.k.a Paranoid Ninja)

Chetan Nayak is an OSCP and is currently working as a Senior Red Team Consultant @FireEye with an overall 7 years of experience. His core skillset are towards Phishing, Physical breach and Active Directory exploitation in Red Team Assessments. His core forte is programming in C/C++ for endpoint detection evasion and shellcoding for exploit development. He has successfully evaded multiple endpoint technologies like FireEye, Symantec EP 14, McAfee Solidcore and AV, Kaspersky and many more by crafting custom malwares in C/C++/x86 asm and C2s during his different phases of Red Team Assessments. In his personal time, he likes to research on Botnet hunting, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering and Endpoint Evasion Tactics.

Skillset for Hire/Corporate Trainings:

  1. Offensive Training (Red Teaming)
  2. Exploit Development and Shellcoding
  3. Active Directory Exploitation & Security
  4. Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis
  5. Threat Hunting & Incident Response
  6. Botnet Development (Shellcoding x86/C/C++/Python3)
  7. EDR Kernel Driver/Rootkit Development (Windows)


Email: paranoidninja@protonmail.com
Twitter: @ninjaparanoid
Personal Blogs: ScriptDotSh
Ex-Company Blogs: NIIConsulting
Github: https://github.com/paranoidninja/